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7 Executives Share Their Top Tips For Overcoming Self-Doubt

Source: Glassdoor 7 Executives Share Their Top Tips For Overcoming Self-Doubt ~ We all feel like impostors sometimes. Self-doubt creeps in, and we convince ourselves we actually can’t crush that presentation or apply for that new dream job. But if there’s good news about this feeling, it’s that we all experience it from time to time—even the most successful among us. So we’ve asked seven people from various career fields to share their top tips for overcoming self-doubt and getting the job done. Put ‘em into practice, and we promise you’ll feel more confident in no time. 1. Imagine yourself where you want to be. “Because I’m making my living helping others sell themselves as subject matter experts and industry leaders, confidence is the name of the game. Any self-doubt would kill my brand! On days that I don’t feel my most accomplished, I imagine myself already having achieved the level of success I want to achieve. This is a little mind trick that leaves no room for self-doubt. It’s not crazy—it’s creative, and shifts the brain to focus on the positive.” —Michelle Dempsey, owner of Michelle Dempsey Very-Well-Written and co-founder of ProFemme 2. Know that you’re not alone in

Credit education efforts taking hold at apartment communities

[etm_menu width=”0″ aligment=”aligncenter” display=”0″ flag=”0″ layout=”3″ ]Source: Multifamily Insider Credit education efforts taking hold at apartment communities ~ There’s no sugarcoating it: Obtaining credit with a low credit score or an insufficient credit history can be tough. A low score can hamstring people’s ability to obtain a mortgage, car loan or credit card — and subject them to higher interest rates and large security deposits for utility services and rental homes. But a low credit score doesn’t have to last forever. Financial education has proven to be a powerful boon to people’s credit history. Across the nation, apartment communities — especially those in the affordable housing sector — are providing financial literacy programs to give their residents a brighter future.  Communities offering these programs have found that simply offering classes is often not enough to persuade residents to participate. It’s only when the communities give residents the option to have their rental payment history reported to credit bureaus that interest in the financial literacy programs usually takes off. For example, officials with the New Hampshire-based Affordable Housing, Education and Development Inc. (AHEAD), which owns and manages more than 400 affordable housing units, report that resident participation in the organization’s financial

How Paychecks Stack Up Across 5 Major Metropolitan Areas

Source: Glassdoor How Paychecks Stack Up Across 5 Major Metropolitan Areas ~ When it comes to paychecks, not all cities are created equal. Companies in a city with a higher cost of living and a low supply of workers, for example, will likely pay more than a city with a lower cost of living and a surplus labor pool. But how exactly does pay vary from city to city? To find out this answer, our Glassdoor research team looked at median base pay and year-over-year pay growth across a variety of positions throughout five major metropolitan areas in our Local Pay Reports. Thinking of moving cities, or just want to see how your pay compares to those across the country? Check out the full results of the most recent local pay reports below. 1. Houston Median Base Pay: $54,278 YoY Pay Growth: 2.4% While Houston has the lowest median base pay of the five major metros studied, it’s still about $3k over the nationwide median of $51,272. And, of course, plenty of positions land above the national average. Physicians, Attorneys and Tax Managers in Houston, for example, can expect to pull in about $257k, $123k and $103k respectively — all

5 Hacks to Find Your Dream Job

If you’ve been out of the job search market, let me be the first to tell you: the game has changed. It’s a new day, and while some of the tried-and-true methods of landing a job — like working your personal and professional networks — haven’t changed, there is plenty that has. Today, the U.S. has millions of job openings and they’re all a great opportunity for the right job seeker. But the trick is to get your resume to the top of the heap and stand out from the pack. However, standing out is no longer simply a matter of having a track record of success or a work history that shows you’re reliable. Insiders say you must have a unique value proposition. Resume expert Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter defines it as “a clear statement that describes the benefit you offer and what distinguishes you from the competition.” In the most basic sense, you’ve got to show a recruiter why you are downright irresistible. Before you dazzle hiring managers with what makes you the perfect candidate for the job, you’ve got to find that job first. Here are a few go-to tricks from our new book “Glassdoor for Dummies” that’ll help

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These 7 Women Have The Jobs You Want—

Source: Glassdoor These 7 Women Have The Jobs You Want—Here’s How You Can Get Them! ~ Have you ever looked at a successful woman and thought, I want to be her or I’d kill for her job? While we can’t help you swap places or put you into your dream job, we did the next best thing: We went to seven of those successful women with super cool jobs to ask them how they think you can get to where they are right now. Here’s what they had to say. 1. Tiffany DeCruze, product manager for Priceline When you score a good deal on Priceline’s booking platform, you’ve got DeCruze to thank for it. She works with designers and developers to improve the site’s user experience, “so that customers can find great travel deals, book, and go,” she says. But although DeCruze is Priceline’s product manager now, she snagged this dream job without any real product marketing experience. Instead, she levied her experience and interests—including a love of travel—to snag the job. “I encourage women … to find a product they [love] and proactively seek to develop the skills needed to take on that role,” DeCruze says. 2. Cathy Polinsky,