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Penn Solutions and WB Capital Partners offer a variety of solutions for multifamily financing. While we have an excellent track record with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we have numerous alternatives to agency loans.

Acquisition Financing
Through our network of lenders we provide financing superior to conventional lenders. Loan to purchase on multifamily acquisitions loans can be as high as 95% through the use of various non-recourse debt funds throughout the United States. We also provide CMBS loans for acquisition and low-interest, floating-rate programs to reposition a property.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD
Agency loans continue to be the most attractive financing options for stabilized multifamily properties.  Agency loans offer maximum amortization and the lowest rates available in the marketplace for long term, fixed rate loans.  In addition, they provide non-recourse financing to qualified borrowers.

Through our network of community, local, regional and national lenders, we can refinance multifamily properties as small as $500,000.  There is demand in the lending community for all classes of multifamily properties; from 1960′s vintage assets to newly constructed properties.

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From large multi-tenant office buildings to small owner occupied properties, office financing is one of our specialties.

Penn Solutions and WB Capital Partners provide customized office financing solutions for commercial investors nationwide, under the following terms:

> LTV of up to 75%
> Up to 30-year fixed rates
> Flexible terms available

Whether refinancing an existing office building or acquiring a new property – we can help you structure the most competitive office loan that meets your needs.

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Penn Solutions and WB Capital Partners have excellent sources for the placement of debt on flagged hotels.  There is renewed demand for hotels ranging from small limited service hotels along major interstates to full service hotels in major metropolitan areas. We have had enormous success meeting our clients’ debt needs on this specialty asset.

Whether you need to refinance an existing hospitality property or you need acquisition financing – we can help you structure the hotel loan that meets your needs.  Our sources for Hotel debt include SBA, USDA, traditional banks and CMBS lenders.

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Penn Solutions and WB Capital Partners have the experience you need to increase your chances of securing capital on your next retail property loan.

Eligible properties include either anchored or unanchored single-story retail centers, as well as net leased single tenant properties with certain occupancy and sales requirements.

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The industrial segment of commercial real estate includes warehouses, manufacturing, high tech and processing type facilities. With the environmental, legal and zoning issues involved, this specialty requires a great deal of expertise that you gain by working with Penn Solutions and WB Capital Partners.

Penn Solutions and WB Capital Partners can help you structure the acquisition or refinance of industrial assets to meet your investment strategy.

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