Frequent Questions from Employers

And the straight answers you'd expect

How does my property management company partner with you?

We would value the partnership and look forward to working with you.


Please email the following for additional Information:

  • Rick Penn,  President, CEO  ~ Contact Us.
  • Bill Penn, Area Manager, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston ~ Contact Us.
  • Kierstyn Huseman, Branch Manager, Ft. Worth ~ Contact Us.
  • Rosa Montes, Area Manager, Austin & San Antonio ~ Contact Us.
  • Prescilla Ramirez, Branch Manager, Houston ~ Contact Us.

Where is your office?

We have offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

  • Austin – Penn Apartment Staffing, 600 Chevy Chase Drive, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78752
  • Dallas – Penn Apartment Staffing, 10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 520, Dallas, TX 75231
  • Ft. Worth – Penn Apartment Staffing, 5208 Air Port FW #210-1, Ft. Worth, TX 75117
  • Houston – Penn Apartment Staffing, 720 N. Post Oak Road, Suite 135, Houston, TX 77024
  • San Antonio – Penn Apartment Staffing, 1777 NE Interstate 410, Loop Suite #600, San Antonio, Texas, 78217

What are your fees?

We have a standard pricing schedule for Austin, DFW, Houston and San Antonio. Please call so we can determine the best package to fit your company needs. We are the best real property management staffing agency.


How much notice do you need?

We prefer as much notice as possible so we can meet your needs and find the right candidate for the job. However, we do understand emergencies happen and we are always here to assist.


Are you available after hours?

Yes, in case of an emergency our main line will roll over to an on-call cell phone. A staffing manager will be able to assist you. We are always here for you!


What area do you service?

Our talent is located throughout the DFW, Greater Houston, Austin and San Antonio Metroplexes.


What happens if I need to cancel an order?

Our clients need to call our office and let our staff know the order is cancelled. There is no penalty involved in cancelling an order. If a Penn Apartment Staffing employee shows up to fill an open order and the client cancels that order upon arrival, Penn Apartment Staffing has a 4 hour minimum pay and bill. We give value our clients’ time and time as professional real property management staffing company.


What is the billing process?

Penn Apartment Staffing will bill each account on a weekly basis for services rendered via email. Our work week is Monday – Sunday.


Are you registered with Compliance Depot?

Yes, we are registered with Compliance Depot for many management companies. If you don’t see Penn Apartment Staffing listed.
Send mail and we will expedite the request. Compliance Depot Vendor ID: 784699


Are you registered with Notivus?

Yes, we are registered with Notivus for many management companies. If you don’t see Penn Apartment Staffing listed.
Send mail and we will expedite the request. Notivus Vendor ID: 18874
also, you may contact us through our website.


Who can I contact if I would like for your company to speak at a team meeting?

It would be an honor to speak to your team members!


Please email the following for additional Information:

  • All Markets –

    Rick Penn
    President, CEO
    Send mail

  • Houston –

    Bill Penn
    Area Manager, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston
    Send mail

  • Fort Worth –

    Kierstyn Huseman
    Branch Manager Ft. Worth
    Send mail

  • Austin, San Antonio  –

    Rosa Montes
    Austin & San Antonio Area Manager
    Send mail


Do you only service the multi-family industry?

Yes, we focus primarily on the multi-family industry so we can meet our client’s needs. However, depending on the position and the industry we would discuss some options with you.


What associations are you affiliated with?